Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get in touch with Software Masters for sales or tech support?

You can reach us using any of the following methods:

Is there any way I can upload pictures, etc. from wedding vendors for reference in making my decision?

Not in this version, however, you will be able to do that in within a couple of weeks.
Is it possible to upload my list of Vendors from an Excel spreadsheet rather than having to enter them one at a time?

Yes, however, the spreadsheet must be in a specific format to simplify the data conversion. Please click here to save the Excel spreadsheet to your local PC and then copy and paste your data into this spreadsheet. The fee for importing your spreadsheet is $20 per 100 names, with a minimum fee of $100.
If I want to see a list of planned upgrades, or to suggest a possible future upgrade, how do I do that?

We have a running list of possible future upgrades, along with a comment on the status and possibly the implementation date. To access that list, Click Here. Also, if you would like to suggest an item not on the list or comment on one that is, please use the Support/Knowledge Base function and select Future Upgrade Suggestions from the dropdown list.
If I sign up as a single-user organization, if I later want to switch to a multi-user organization, how do I do that?

Although this functionality does not yet exist, there will soon be an upgrade path.
Are there Quick Start Guides?

Yes, if you are new to, it would be very helpful to you to become familiar with them. is a very sophisticated application and reviewing the Guides will most likely be very helpful. The Guides can be viewed at:

Quick Start Guides

or by clicking on the Support Tab and selecting Quick Start.

Can I download all my information into a spreadsheet so I can take it with me on site?

Not with this version, however, that feature should be available soon.
If an employee no longer works for me, can I prevent their access to the program.

Yes, simply log on and inactivate the employee.
How does the discount program work?

We offer two kinds of discounts. The first is for membership in specific organizations. If you are not a member of the organization when you become a member of and later become a member, let us know and we will modify your payment amount for all future billings. We also check with the organizations to ensure current membership status for your discount to continue. We also periodically offer special promotions for membership enrollments at a special event. These discounts only apply to your first payment, so to maximize the amount of the discount, you are better off to pay for a yearly membership rather than monthly.
If a consistent error occurs when I am using, is there any way I can report the error.

Yes, please submit the error report in the Support/Knowledge Base function and select Error Report in the dropdown box.

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