Use the same software the pros use!

Do you think professionals are using free event management tools from wedding planning resource websites? Do you think they use a pre-tabbed binder they bought at the bookstore? Think again! They are professionals, and they use professional means to manage their clients' events. A wedding planner created this software to manage the millions of dollars worth of event management details for her own clients, and now it's being made available to you.

Master Wedding Planner gives you the professionals to be just that - a master wedding planner! Master Wedding Planner takes all of the best wedding planning tools and consolidates them into one secure, Internet-based website wedding planning solution that will help you coordinate all of the details, tasks, vendor organization, budgeting, task lists, guest lists, timelines and scheduling that comes with planning your wedding.

A web-based wedding planning program means no more expensive patch updates, no more binders, all of your information securely stored, the ability for multiple users to login and view events, and a place for you to store copies of your contracts. Send task reminders to your vendor team, bridesmaids, and other people helping with planning. No management tool offers the key to managing a wedding like Master Wedding Planner does!

Great Pricing if you join now!


Bridal Pricing

Membership Type Organization One Event Price Most Likely Users
Bridal One time event user $79.99 Brides


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No longer do you have to manage all the information associated with a wedding or other special event by yourself.

With, all that changes. You have the power to grant anyone associated with the wedding or special event permission to view, add, modify, or delete information based on the access privileges YOU give them. Whether it be your vendors, your clients, anybody you choose, users have the ability to potentially see the wedding party, the guest list, the timeline, add and clear their checklists of things to do, or what everybody else is doing and are planning to do. It's the perfect plan for coordinating an event!

Wouldn't it be nice if you could:

  • Enter all your event-related information into a secure application on the Internet where you could always access your information.
  • Add your client and event participants (with appropriate permissions) to the event so they too can see and update their information directly without you having to do so.
  • Add other vendors to the event so everybody has access to the same information.
  • Manage your event:
    1. Timelines
    2. Participants
    3. Booked Vendors
    4. Checklist Items
    5. Budget Commitments (including payment plans and payments)
    6. Completed Tasks and Hours for billing
    7. Assigned Staff
    8. Emails to and from others
    9. Guests
  • Have a built-in client management system where you can enter all your conversations and actions with your contacts, setting follow-up dates with automatic reminders, etc.
If you become a member of, you will have all this and a lot more. Also, if a few weeks, you will be able to access to two additional sites, a MasterWeddingPlanner.MOBI (graphics have been removed for faster viewing) so you will be able to view your information from your cell phone, and, where you will be able to record your journal thoughts, plans, photos, etc as you plan for your wedding. And because you have joined, your membership in will be free.

Finally, when you join, you will need to set up your profile so it matches your organization's business model. To assist you in that process, we have prepared a Quick Start Guide to walk you through the steps. Once you have set everything up, you will be ready to begin creating Events. Keep in mind, you can always modify your profile information whenever you like. You can preview that guide by clicking on the Quick Start Guide (Initial Setup) link below.

Quick Start Guide (Brides) for Initial Setup

Additionally, we have also created a Quick Start Guide for managing your wedding. You can access that Quick Start Guide as well.

Quick Start Guide (Brides) for Managing an Event


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