Possible Future Upgrades

       Planners and Vendors will have the option of entering their schedules into an "Availability" calendar. By doing so, other Vendors, and the public if so desired, will be able to see when you are available.

Although coding has begun, no release date has been determined.
       A public "Advanced Search" will be constructed so site visitors will be able to enter additional criteria in their search for Vendors. This criteria includes special services available, acceptable payment methods, availability (as described above), etc.

Again, although coding has begun, no release date has been determined.
       We are considering setting staff permissions at the Event level rather than at the organization level.

No determination has been made as to whether the additional data input justifies the value.
       We are considering adding more information to the Planner/Vendor public search pages such as a banner, message, slideshow, etc., which will be uploaded and managed by each Member organization.

Coding has not yet begun on this activity.
       Basic lists for Timelines, Checklists and Budget Items will be available for selecting when creating the initial Feeder Items.

This will be developed for the next release.

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