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How do you do that? There are several ways.:

  1. Put a banner like that shown below on your website linking to (with very simple code, which we provide, that tells us you were the source of the registration.

  2. Contact wedding-related organizations and tell them about  If they enroll using the unique Promo Code that will be assigned to you, you will receive the credit.
  3. Contact brides-to-be and tell them about  Again, if they enroll using the unique Promo Code that will be assigned to you, you will receive the referral credit and will be paid the referral fee.
  4. Payments will be made based on the benchmark amounts indicated below. As you move into the next level, the percentage will be adjusted accordingly. For example, if you have receive credit (and referral fees) for referring $2975, and you subsequently refer a membersheep fee where the first payment is $68.00, you would receive 10 percent of $25 to put you at $3000 and 15 percent of the remaining $43 and 15 percent of everything after that until you reach the $8000 benchmark.
  5. Referral amount totals continue to accrue and do not reset to 0 after a month, a year or ever.
  6. Referral credit is based on the first payment of the membership. If the member signs up at the monthly rate, the referral fee is for the first month's payment amount. However, if the member chooses to save money and sign up for the yearly amount, the referral fee is based on the yearly payment amount. Consequently, if you are able to encourage yearly plans, it will significantly increase your referral fees.
  7. If the referred member later upgrades, cancels and renews, no additional referral payments will be made beyond the initial registration.


  Basic Gold Platinum
Referral Percent 10% 15% 20%
Referral Volume less than $3000 $3000 - $8000 over $8000


To begin, click the Register as an Affiliate link below and complete the brief registration form.  You will immediately receive an Affiliate ID (Promo Code) for use in registering others.  Once you have your Affiliate ID, you can add the referral link to your website. Its that easy!

Finally, when a site visitor comes to through a link on your site, we attempt to create a 60-day cookie so as to retain your referral status. If cookies are not turned off and the site visitor returns within 60 days, makes a purchase and the cookie contains your referral code, we will know the referral came from you and the referral fee will be paid to you. The only exception would be if the site visitor comes from another Affiliate site within the 60-day period, in which case they would be paid the referral fee as their cookie information would overlay yours.

Register as an Affiliate

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